Sunday, September 28, 2008

6 days erm "stint"


hahahaha! weeeee i m so PROUD of it!!! (i noe la u can do better..cheh!! =P)

2.4km walk everyday feels like an achievement and though i didnt get to shed any of my fats away, i feeel like am getting nearer to the "PEAK" in my dreams.....

wooooh i can ALMOST "feel" IT!

HAHAHA! (sorry dudes..i cudnt find a nicer pic to crop myself in it)

SO NICE MANNN!!! hopefully i cud reach to the peak!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


in 2 weeks and 6 days more it'll be the end of my sem 4 !!!
cant wait for HOLIDAYS too come!!!!

how exciting study break could be, other than doing this......

and look for something weird on the giv it a imaginary expression~

* imagine* imagine* imagine *


* WINK *


Sunday, September 21, 2008

on 19th turned 20.

oh yea my blog was blocked for a reason but not important though.....

n yea since it's my new blog i shall not abandon it so soon..
to keep it going, here's the post on fei tham's bday celebration day activities!!

we had two hours class on the 18th of sept and on that day there was a special discount for students at TOPSHOP at midvalley!!!
but not that great though..only 20% off on regular items and obviously most of the nice stuff are regular priced item, hence i din relli get anything great, only a simple tube top but there was goodie bag along with it and a free popcorn!! haha! oh so it was all worth it!

*ooopps terpesong a bit, balik to story*

so we drag her along to go and shop with us, me n my uni mates.......and meet up with le who came on her own and after that we made her follow le back to her home to wait for the dinner which supposedly be bra's farewell dinner *but bah so lame, i bet she figured out earlier that we r celebratin her bday at the dinner but then but i dont think she noe's piriya will be there though...hehe!* in michelangelo's at pyramid

*front to back* me, feitham, le, amanda, piriya, pauline, rz, bra, kb
pic curi-ed from le's fb...more pics on le,bra n pau's fb =)

then when dinner came to an end..of coz those dudes camwhore like mad la...a dinner and over 240 pics ALREADY?!!!!OH THE CAMWHORE ERA~n oh before she thought she was going back....


we bring her to go clubBING with my other uni mates to celeb with her when it strikes 12 in MOS,Euphoria at sunway resort and PHEEEWWW luckily it was ladies nite! IT'S free for us with a free drink too!!else i'd be really BROKE!!

before stepping in.
f-b: michelle, feitham, xinyi, pri, me, pau, panda, sinye

still early when the club has only like erm..40ppl??so empty~

fake smoke with free drinks

*all clubbin pics from pau's fb*

my first clubbing experience verdict:
it's kinda fun!..i would say i like it! but only when it's not too crowded during the early hours, when it's like around 1230pm ppl start flockin in and the dance floor gets too crowded....jam packed man! but the music was nice though till the floor was literally vibratin~haha!~~n it's nice that euphoria is a smoke free club!! no smelly hair after that! n virgo dudes dun like clubbing!HAHA!

would i go for a second round??
YES~ haha!

Yea so that was it n we crashed at amanda's place after that...THANX panda for accomodatin us!

*rap: su ann, su ann, su ann, birthday, birthday, birthday! *

p.s: sudah makan itu cheesecake??

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i think i was TOO ambitious..HAHA!

ohh this must be the PROJECT RUNWAY OVERDOSE effect....

4days straight of 3 seasons on youtube isnt such an ideal thing to do afterall...
i can tell u it gets ppl delusional...*at least it did to me la*
the sewing n sketching look uber cool n "easy" on screeen!!!
n so with my amateur sewing skills n since it's still not karat-ed from my felt keychain making yet...

oooh ooooh here's a pic of my small felt hobby outcomes... =)

cute right?cute right??..hehe!

i've decided to giv sewing a try based on a pattern on i found on *super cool site* n i assure you it's stated on all the reviews that the design is really easy to make!!

the pattern ready with measurements n trace on cut-outs

the supposed outcome *pic from BS*

but in the end i guess i was tooo ambitious or mayb a lil in the "fatt mong" galaxy my small project turns out not wear-able by my barbie dolls at all..n i cant event finish sewing it man...n mind u it's just a doll size cut out!...I THINK MAYB I SHUD JUST BUY A DRESS AFTERALL~

nah in the end it's left undone in the sewing box..cloth arent attached ..seams not sewn properly.. measurement a bit OFF...haha!..OH MAN! but wait till my real break comes i'l DEFINITELY giv it another try!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

woohooo excited!

weeeeeee! i'm so happy that my blog's template is appearing nice!!!
n i noe my url is a bit "erm" bcoz i think it's "eRM"
haha! HOW "erm" man...i cant even find a term to describe it......

oh hair.....


u think it's nicer?

Monday, September 15, 2008

weeee! playing with the templates is FUN!