Sunday, November 22, 2009

diggin it up.

front of the cathedral

of all the duomos (cathedral) that i've seen,
u will definitely be AWE-d when u c it!!
though the city has really nothing much to offer other than this duomo it is really worth it to make a day stop to this place!!!!
of course unless u like high end shopping then u'll definitely need more than a day, hehe!!

that's the famous shopping scene seen in movies when ppl goes milan to shop

but when we were in Milan we didnt even stay a night in the city,
instead we spend our night in the airport! hahahaha!
and the weirdest part was the airport was full of ppl like us,
practically we have to snatch a place to sit and sleep on the floor.
the whole place was full of ppl sleeping on the floor and half of them were even prepared with sleeping bags! HARDCORE BACKPACKERS!!

but to save money mah! what also can la!not like we didnt do it on the first day we reach LONDON. haha!

rooftop of the cathedral pricey place, 8euro just to come up but it's WORTH IT!!

can you believe this is the rooftop?!i dont even noe what kind of rooftile this is!

oh yeap, one funny fact,
the square right in front of the cathedral is always full of people and lotsa pickpockets and money cheaters that would just come near to you and tie a string on your hand and demand for money.
we even had people coming up to us and try to hand us some pigeon food to feed the pigeons forcefully. ahahhaa!
to feel safer priya even put her fatt ass expanded waistpouch in her pants!!haha!
she loooked like a pregger. =P
and fat tham was grabbing her bag so tightly all the time, macam gila!
we didnt even dare to hand our cams to people there to take a group pic for us!
THANK GAWD WE HAD CAMWHORE SKILLS! no problem for group pickchas!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

in the zone

i've read somewhere saying that in summer the sky turns into the shade of purple when the sun sets in Paris.
it's true and it's beautiful.

tooo bad, the sun set in glasgow is always glooomy. cloudy as always.
and pitch black by 4.

Friday, November 20, 2009

i wanna have a holiday!!!

i miss summer so much when everyone's so happy!!!!
why do i feel something's changed?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my first jakun-fied GP experience

so i went to the GP today because of the pain on my right eye,
it's a weeeirrd pain, it felt like the corner of my eye lids were swollen and droppy
but actually it looks perfectly normal with only very little redness at the corner but because it felt uncomfortable and i was worried it might be some infection due to my cough i book an appointment with the GP last friday.

mana tahu, semalam mata aku sudah tidak sakit, -_-"
but bcoz i cant cancel my appointment on a sunday, and i tot if i dont show up without calling to cancel it then they might blacklist my name or something,so i went also la! 9am leh my appointment....darn early wehhhh and it was darn cold also dis morning.

and dgn cha-dou nya the gp arrived late for work so i had to wait a bit la and when it was my turn this was how it was;

Dr G : hi, good morning = D how can i help you?
me : oh, morning. my right eye is painful when i blink and it is a little bit red at the corner
since last thursday but it is better now
Dr. G: *looks at comp and type away my symptoms on the keyboard* oh ok.
me : *.......*
Dr. G: *continues typing away and ignoring me*
me : *.......* oh erm, i have a cough too that has last for more than 2 weeks with sputum
Dr. G: ok. *without looking at me, continues typing away*
me : *........*
Dr. G: ok so let me have check at ur eye and hear ur chest when u breath in
~check check~kau tim.
Dr. G: okay, everything is FINE,ur eyes maybe pain bcoz it is just too dry no infection dont worry =). maybe u could try putting eye drops or try wiping it with baby shampoo.
me : huh?baby shampoo?any particular kind?
Dr. G: OH johnson's baby shampoo will do just fine. just take a cotton pad and put a lil of it and wipe if on ur eyes. it has some anti-bacterial effect that might help. it's a TIP from the eye specialist.*wink*
me : wow, that's good to know.
Dr. G: * continues typing away* me : *..........*
Dr. G:*print prescription and hands to me* okay, so here's ur prescription.some antibiotics for for your cough. u can get it from the pharmacy =).yup that's it.
Dr. G: *..........* oh okay.thank you.bye~

i think the whole sesssion i was really blurred out a bit cha dou-ed. but the gp was still friendly but the only thing about seeing a gp here is that u gotta make appointment and it is always almost a week later or if u r lucky like me, u need to wait only 3 days for ur turn but often when the time comes ur problem might just go off already like mine, so making it no point to see the gp already. but i think, maybe this is a way of trying to save the NHS's expenses on self limiting illness hoping that we might cancel our appointment and time will eventually heal the condition in some cases.i dont know.

but all i noe is that, it is very mafan to c a gp here, and out of all i think the only benefit that we are able to get from it, is the prescription the gp gives that allows u to get medications prescribed to you by the pharmacist for only 5 pounds (no matter how many kind or how many biji u need) compared to going up to the pharmacy directly and purchase the medications over the counter that might cost more but definitely much much much faster and easier.but again this kind of system really makes the pharmacist having a more important role in prescribing and helping in treating common illness and reduces the gp's workload.

and YEAP,I GOT LOST in the hospital while trying to find my way out. -_-"
the equally similar corridors and weird direction boards mmg meng-confuse kan.

before i go to sleep, here's a few pics from edinburgh from my day trip yest!

on the train. an hour plus ride. price: 5.20 return

a weird tower that is apparentlY significant.=P

market street

a garden near the museum/ gallery of's AUTUMN!

the whisky manufacturer!

the famous castle of edinburgh. it looks not that interesting from the exterior
so we didnt get in plus the tix was 12pounds pp!

that's all for now! cheers!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

in october talks about september

woooo! my summer euro trip was incredibly fun!
firstly it is definitely because

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

in october talks about october

MANN!!! time FLIES!
i actually have about another 8 months here only
I M KINDA MISSING EVERY MOMENT I HAVE IN THIS CRAZY WEATHER PLACE ALREADY compared to having little dislike moments when i just arrived HEHE! =P homesick mahhh that time....

so yeap! the new sem has started and is coming to the 3rd weeek already and we finally got the first taste on going to classes and workshops with the home students HAHA! i was pretty excited at first wondering how are they actually in classes
and my first few impressions about them are
  1. wow! they do really like to wear a lot of layers of clothes here. i tot they are almost immune to the cold weather here already, mana tahu they wear much thicker than us. the fashion of layering?

  2. gawd, some of them are really really really hardworking!and of course SMART!presssured lo!especially some of the seniors said when the lecturers evaluate individual presentations they are a bit bias to the home if they so geng already how to tanding with them?!

  3. ada la yg snobbish but of course ada yang really nice as well. but lucky me, i haven really met snobbish ones compared to few of my classmates who got completely ingnored in group discussions.fuuuuhhhh.
yeap, overall it is still a really nice experience on getting to know more different kind of people but joining them only at the final year makes making friends with them a little difficult coz they already have their own comfort zone of friends but we of coz will try to mingle more!KEKE!
so to start of me and tham had join the committee in organising the graduation ball for next year!!
weeeeee! i shall hope that it shall be fun!

AUTUMN sudah datang!!!! trees have start to get botak and the sky gets dark at about 630pm already!!!! man!! hari hari yg gloomy dan dark akan datang very sooon!!!
and it's getting relli cold here for me already!!...ahhh when winter comes i will die lo!!
and the weather is making me hungry really fast!!!daym! fat lo fat looooo

will blog about my summer trip next up! =P

Friday, September 11, 2009

kan cheong traveller

ahhhhhhh..."hou kan cheong ar" luggage is like a lil overweight =S

oh yea at first i was damn gung-ho wanna carry my backpack there but darn, too heavy man..really don't think i can backpack it around but now my hand luggage is a 2cm bigger than their restricted dimension...doomed.this budget airline apparently have the strictest luggage dimension requirement,ur luggage is suppose to be smaller than the normal cabin size bag..= S
and if really to big, have to pay 30 pounds leh!!!!

early morn tomorrow we are going to ITALY!!!! WEEEEEEE!!!
all together we are going for 13 days..but once we come back only straight start uni already...sure damn tiring man.

i cant wait to feel the hot-ness in ITALY!!!

will be back on the 24th of September!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

dumm deee daaa


bright at 9am

still slightly bright at 9pm

but the sky is getting darker earlier now, previously it gets completely dark at 11pm but now10pm sudah gelap means summers ending!!! AHHHHHH!

nah i noe u ppl miss me! hehe! *taken last week*
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! exams are dreadful! back to back every week is crazy!
my dear angel please let me passs MY EXAMS! PLEASE!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ko Ko No Iru Yo

hey guys listen to this jap song!! it's relli nice!

Ko Ko No Iru Yo

there's also a chinese version by da zhui ba, but i still think the jap ori version nicer! enjoy!

da zhui ba

Friday, July 31, 2009

the last 31st July of 2009

oh it shucks!
i think i have just put all my 4 patients in the "I'VE KILLED THEM" list!
how could it possibly be that difficult to get a positive mark for the dispensing test?!
i "LOVE" negative marking!

i had my second round of dispensing test today, where we were given 4 prescription with it's potential problems such as drug-drug interactions btw the prescribed drugs, inappropriate strength, dose, quantity or any other possible mistake made by doctors.
the time limit for the four prescription to be done is in 2 hours...30 mins to finish one presription.
supposedly there's sufficient time, but when u have to do it under a stressed pace PLUS having to identify the mistakes made and also line up to go and consult the prescriber..30 mins feels like 3 mins leh!!! moreover, the prescribers are all too passive....!! whenever u ask them a question, they'lll just say


what u mean what i think?! u dunno the patient at all wan meh! chis!

and the annoying part is that when u know there is mistake but u dont know what to do due to the limited time, it shucks!

it shucks even more when u forgot the tiniest little things and they minus ten marks to 20 marks for it!

tell me how am i suppose to PASS the exam when the passing mark is 50% and the range of marks u will get is from -400 to 100! it's 3.5 times more likely u'll fail than u pass!

and guess what for the next exemption test the passing mark will be 70%...HAHA!

having exam every week is CRAZY-fying!
but that means my summer term is ending! another 3 more weeks and THAT'S it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

fire alarm YET again!

HAHAHAHHA! this is kinda fun man!
finally another flat on my block has trigger the fire alarm at 1.45am!
damn cool rite! ahahhaa! and we have to run out to the cold!!
guess what the reason was???..........

and he didnt close the door completely because the light bulb burn already, then the hot vapour triggered the alarm at the hallway.
DAMN LAME rite! what is this la!so SENSITIVE wan ar??
it's not even real smoke!

Friday, June 19, 2009

rainy days

i officially am starting to hate the crazy weather here.
it can be bright and sunny one moment and
goes all windy like crazy and starts to rain the next morning!
summer also so sucky i dun want WINTER TO COME!
and guess what i feel like it's winter already coz the temperature here is 13- 9 celcius oni!
gawd save me!

i hate rainy days here!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

i have reached safely!

hello everybody!!
i have reached to the small city where from the plane all u cud see is the green green grass and brown houses, it felt as if we've reached to a kampung, less vibrant compared to london!
ahhahahahaha! but ok la..actually not quite bad this place
very fascinating place also....coz everything is so ala european style!
something new for JAKUN PEOPLE LIKE ME!

will update as soon as possible when i m free =)
oh i've uploaded pics in my multiply if u wanna c!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i had a twentyone top as my bday gift last year n i feel nice! that 21 brand didnt hit me coz i felt like i m farway from being a 21.

then 27th of this year came...i felt the sudden "OH SHIT! I M TWENTYONE LEH!!!" wearing this year's twentyone. time do actually flies. we noe the fact that time actually flies but HECK! when it's here it really HITS u in the HEAD!and i can feel the RESPONSIBILITY of being an adult creeping in.but apa lah itu jadi seorang dewasa macam?????

i m very happy that i have been blessed to having a cool bunch of frens that makes my life spicier than it already is, crazier than ever, lame to the the extreme, and FUN AS ALWAYS!and MOST IMPORTANTLY when i m out of the line u guys TALK ME BACK INTO MY SENSES!! before i get a PUNCH in my face.i TREASURE every single one OF YOU!!

i FEEL VERY THANKFUL and BLESSED of my 21YEARS of life. *hugs all of you*

Sunday, May 24, 2009

it's a happy happy day!

thank you my loves!!
i lup lup lup lup lup u all veli muchie!!

MUAH!!! =P

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i call it almost done!

sorry for the lack of updates peeps. i m trying my best to rescucitate it d..haha!
short updates:
  • i have finally moved into my new hse..n yea it's just merely 1km away..-_-"
    and moving house is such a torture!!!! so many things to clean,pack n UNPACK!~
    for all u noe..i need to RE-PACK again in about 2 weeks time!
  • VISA APPLICATION OFFICIALLY SUCKS!..dah lah the uni gave so much of a prob with the visa letter, the visa agency officers sumore cannot give accurate informations!
    kasihan students~haih~ BUT DUN WORRY! I JUST HAD MY VISA APPROVED D!!!
  • oh yea this sat, me n le will be having a joint 21st birthday celebration!!!wooo! PARTY!!
  • i havent finish buying stuff to bring to scots yet!!..what more START packing?!aih malas!
  • hospital attachment was fun...n scary too..i'l leave that for another post.but after the attachemnt now got PAPERWORK to do! MALAS LAGI!

but all in all..i think those important stuff that i need to do...sudah considered done kua...

that's all! will update soon! =P

Monday, April 27, 2009

going to the "siewpao" place

i'l be off to seremban from 2mrw to thurs for hospital attachment..
haish panas hospital and cakar ayam here i come!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


i m very very very happy!!!

I HAVE OFFICIALLY PASSED MY SEM 5 EXAM!!! *weee* * weee* *weee*

it was hell preparing for exam..n the waiting for results is often as killing.
but all has passed for now!!! haha!
now lee ean can come on9 peacefully without me n tham telling her, we r scared and asking her how how how how.....and more often sms-ing her i wanna DIE & CRY from all the memorising!
hahaha! thanx fei leee!!!!! we r the most annoying friends u can ever get!!! =P
thank you for all the good lucks from u guys as well!!!! muaxx!!!

re the batchmate who got robbed? she passed her exams too!!!

but to those who didnt, DONT GIVE UP NOW! fight for ur chance till the end!

that's all for now! i'm off to PASAR MALAM FOR A FEAST! hahaha!

after two weeks

tommorow will be THE DAY..
results will be released at 4pm 2mrw....TAKUTnya~~
and i have the feeling like a lot more ppl than usual will be going to uni to get their results this time rather than just retrieving it online..
and i get even more anxious if i c a bee line of ppl lining up to get the results.


---------------------------chg topic---------------------------------------------------
i got a cheap skirt today for 15 bucks oni!! i'm happy!weee! *jump jump clap clap*
and soon i will get a PLATINUM CREDIT CARD! how cool is that u tell me?!

but still i m worried now.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

drivers alert!

the street is dangerous.

often when i read about stories of drivers being robbed in emails circulated around,
i feel scared and worried la but yet after a while i dun really care about it because it seems like the story would never happen to me, it's like so crazy for such thing to happen!!
*chants* oh dont happen to me pls, dont happen to me, dont happen to me, dont happen to me

but just last week one of my classmate got robbed outside uni,
she reached uni bout 630am that morning, so she decided to stay in the car and read her notes coz got exam mah later at 930am while waiting for uni to open,
she rolled down the car window also,
mana tahu a guy came and point a shotgun on her forehead!
demanding her to get down from the car and leave all her stuff there,
she couldnt do anything but to give the robber everything (other than the few pieces of notes she grabbed, cos got exam mah later!) he demanded and he took off with her car, a proton wira
she was so traumatised in the end that she didnt even get to sit for the exam man~
pity her.

GUN WEH!! goodness! i think i'l faint. prolly pee in my pants too.

but lucky thing amanda always teman me to my car after class.. =)

oh yea, not long ago my bro'car boot got forcefully opened also and kena curi all the stuff inside
when he parked his car in pyramid, but lucky thing got not much valuable stuffs other than his smelly work clothes in his gym bag and his working bag and documents inside. but pyramid got a lot of those gung ho guards wan wor...

Haih~ whatever it is becareful yea everyone!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

fuuh-fuuuh *blows dust away*

hey ppl i'm back blogging!!
sorry for dumping it aside for such a long time
but i promise i'l update more frequent coming.

so YEAY!! i've just finished my end of semester 5 exam!!!!! *hooray*
and i've bought my flight ticket to scots!!
i'l be flying along with tham n my 4 other uni frens by MAS instead of following the travel agent the uni arranged coz we managed to book cheap flights ourselves!!
it's about RM1602 only compared to the travel agent's 3K price!!!!
so yea hopefully everything goes smoothly in between.IT MUST.

though we've finished our exams,
we still have to do a presentation next week and go for hospital attachment at the end of april to prepare for the coming semester in scots later..

oh yea talking bout hospital attachment let me tell you bout my experience when i was in seremban's tunku jaafar hospital for a day a few weeks back,
actually being there for a day only i din get to relli see or experience the real pharmacist thingie but the definite things are it's
FREAKIN HOT IN THE WARD!!can sweat buckets of air masin! and
DOCTOR'S HANDWRITING ARE A DISASTER~!tolong la tulis baik baik kalian dr.dr.
so yea everything else in the hospital is quite ok la.. not that so creepy creepy kinda place,
and my lects allowed us to choose any suitable patient we want to clerk on,
but still my lect led us into the ward to help us choose a suitable patient and the first few patients were all post cancer patients n those are not good cases to clerk on for students
so we went around looking sumore but lagi cari lagi teruk..highly suspiscious of HIV/AIDS+ certified pneumonia diagnosis patient also ada n in btw becoz i mulut banyak say i wanna have a patient that have a lot of drug interactions,
me n my friend was in a way put in a situation to have THAT patient...*jaw drop*
i was worried man..i dun discriminate la but still such a SERIOUS case as our first case??!!
i dun think i can handle in the end me n my friend chicken-ed out n went searching for another patient when our lect left...haha!JAHAT-ness
cari-cari a while in the end we just settled for a more normal patient.
so hopefully for the coming attachment it'l be better for me no more chicken-ing out!

fuuuuhhh..such a wordy post..hahaha!
that's all for now!
will update soon after coming back from kampar on sunday!!
have a good weekend peeps! =P

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!

happy NIU year everyone!!!
may all of you have a year filled with
health,wealth, happiness and properity ahead of you!!

my cny this year is rather lack of the "kampung" feel man! A BIT MM SONG!
coz my family decides not go back to kampar this year.
one of the main reasons being one of my ahpo is back to china to visit her relatives along with my aunties and uncles while
another of my ahpo is also staying in kl for the TADAK balik la..

n so i had a TOTAL KL CNY which i declare it's damn the boring!!!
nothing to do at all man!! other than visiting a few places n roam around in shopping malls filled with non-chinese the next agenda would be to balik rumah n makan biskut-biskut tahun lembu..itu je..sangat sangat tadak CNY FEEL!
i REGRET complaining all these years JAM-ing on the road while balik-ing..
i MISS JAM-ing back to KAMPAR!

enough of complaining!! n for those whose not even here in mas
i took a few pics in Thean Hou temple that i hope maybe could satisfy a bit of ur CNY "feel" crave!!keke! =P

there's quite a lot of ppl even though it's already "cho sam"
ada lion dance also but i was too slow..tak sempat snap pics.. ;)

it's a supersunny superbrighT superHOT CNY!!!

may everyone be "ong" in THE year of cow~MOOOOO~

the "choy san yeh" and "kuan yin" windchime thingie..

and that's all..tata!HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

(p.s: i "love" to finish assignments during CNY!!weeeeee!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

another G E E K Y guy!

i think i have a fetish towards geeky looking guys?!!


i noe he looks weird,
his mv is a bit weird,
his songs are also a bit weird,
but the weirdness is my likeness!! HAHAHA~

nah u listen n c..HIS SONGS ARE ADDICTIVE i tell u!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

gathering with da GANG!

hours earlier we had a gathering dinner PLUS okb's small birthday surprise!!!
it's nice gathering everyone once in a while to chit chat n makan-makan
eh but a bit weird rite?! not like most of us are all over in the world also,all budak kl oni
but still gather only once in a while!! CHIST!....we should have gathering more often!!
eh the next person faster organize another gathering !!
*i heard u scream for another gathering just now su lin...hint hint*=P
it was also a small surprise for OKB's belated birthday!!

but AS ALWAYS, he gave the paiseh paiseh look oni!tadak look surprised also wan?! ahaha!

the super precious pic...laugh until so happy! HAHA!

oh yea, WE went to la cocina at taipan 2, a spanish restaurant but the interior takda banyak spanish like other than the tile designs on the wall, more like a western restaurant. they apparently have a wine cellar upstairs too...

the bar counter.quite cosy eh the lighting in the restaurant.

ice cream also got HALAL?
mau makan apa?kita apa pun ada~

we din relli try anything much there also...all 10 of us only ordered a variety of 5 kinda food mainly coz the relli spanishy stuff are quite ex n we r all quite broke..HAHA!but overall the food there is quite nice!!

fettucine carbornara with beef bacon. quite nice! not too creamy!

Valencia paella..nasi sepanyol =)

Voltego spaghetti, this is what i ordered n i like it a lot!!
cos it's spicy and with quite an amount of olive oil!YUMMY!

After food is all about us!! we all talked talked talked from 8-11 BUT minus the 15 mins for eating LA.. MAN i din noe we could talk so long...haha! andwe were making so much noise, till one of the couples shifted their dinner to the outside of the restaurant.. ooopps* but whaddya expect when a bunch of "kids" come together la?!=P

l-r: tiffy,PC, lee, stef, sa, su lin

*self reminder incase i forget what course they r doing!*
miss stef da petroleum engineering gurl at unsw,
fei tham ,aiyah nonit to know la!
sulin taking biotech at monash!the TIGA fellas! me and PC. SHE'LL BE GRADUATING from TBS THIS MAY/JUNE!!!!!SO FAST RITE!!!
she is officially the earliest to grad among us =) the bestfriends /gay partners.keke! su lyn and renn zhern tiffany has straighten her hair,PC n le pulak cut short their hair

last but not least...THE GROUP PIC!