Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i had a twentyone top as my bday gift last year n i feel nice! that 21 brand didnt hit me coz i felt like i m farway from being a 21.

then 27th of this year came...i felt the sudden "OH SHIT! I M TWENTYONE LEH!!!" wearing this year's twentyone. time do actually flies. we noe the fact that time actually flies but HECK! when it's here it really HITS u in the HEAD!and i can feel the RESPONSIBILITY of being an adult creeping in.but apa lah itu jadi seorang dewasa macam?????

i m very happy that i have been blessed to having a cool bunch of frens that makes my life spicier than it already is, crazier than ever, lame to the the extreme, and FUN AS ALWAYS!and MOST IMPORTANTLY when i m out of the line u guys TALK ME BACK INTO MY SENSES!! before i get a PUNCH in my face.i TREASURE every single one OF YOU!!

i FEEL VERY THANKFUL and BLESSED of my 21YEARS of life. *hugs all of you*

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rumnraisin.cathz said...

haaha.. well 21 really does sound scary!! but let's try to shtay kiddy as long as possible ok? regardless what our age says. haha.. n lady, how's scotland???