Wednesday, December 31, 2008

in less than 36hrs

it will be the year of 2-zero-zero-9!!!

"oh my man!! "

i'm scared!!!..time passes so FAST!!! *like i didnt already noe it 10 years ago -__-*
but hopefully 2009 will be a good year for all of us!!!

i bet my 2008 would definitely feel like yesterday even after 10 years from now..
overall yr 08 was ok...but the fact that i climbed mt.kk just make it even better!!!
hehehehe!(oh yea i haven even blog my climb fail man.)
but my results didnt get better, worse still it even went downhill
but hopefully i'l be able to graduate as a
MPHARM Uni of Strathclyde graduand coming 2010!! *fingers cross*
die die also MUST!!!
hmmm sumore what ar??...
actually rite ,
i dun relli re what happen this year man~
due to the fact that a year had 2 uni sems and
i haven seem to be able to adjust to have 2 sems a year after 12yrs of my life having one educational term the whole year...HAHAHA!
i'm always confused of what happened in what sem..becoz when a sem pass
it would seem like a year had passed...OH MY BRAIN...hehe!
hence that's all! ...a short update =P

*my mind shouts*
i dont want time to pass to fast,
i dont want time to pass so slow either;
i hope happy moments could last longer,
i hope sad times would just fly away, better if they dun come;
but like who in the world doesnt know how to say if there's no sad then what is there to show us how fun and happy certain things could be....
but sometimes i just wanna be a freak shit selfish and demanding human,
cant' i just demand happy moments to last longer, while sad n pain ones dun even exist!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

yoga haram!

oh my!

" The National Fatwa council has declared that the yoga practice which involves three elements of physical movements, worshipping and chanting as haram (prohibited) in Islam. "
The Star

when the speculation on prohibiting yoga among muslims broke out some time ago,
i tot it'll just be THE another thing the council was too free to do n worried about lo
mana tahu now relli diharamkan among the muslims edi...
it's such a waste man, yoga is such a cool thing!!
at least i noe it made me much fitter than before :P


Saturday, November 22, 2008

oh the ILHAM to blog is back again

oopps damn dung dung..haven write anything other than the title sudah ter-posted
hmmm..maybe it's karma for not updating the blog..~ooooooo~

ah yea so it's been a week of uni...
words to describe it:







M-E-M-O-R-I-S-I-N-G W-E-I-R-D W-O-R-D-S and

i want holiday!!! i have not finish resting yet!!

though all of the above sounds quite saddening,
i m quite happy that at least we had a witty lecturer
for 3 of my lectures this week!!
his topics was infections related diseases which
includes common infection diseases, UTI's and STD's. i must say there was a


moment in the class when he showed pictures of STD's man!
it's QUITE "in detail" wan lo!..HAHAHA!
that at first it makes me go...

"OOOOOooohhhhH that's how it actually looks like!"

AND when more n more pic comes it will b super duper


go google for pics if u wanna goo
eeee--ooo-and--ew-ew too =P

i went to pavillion today and,
there's some new weird stuff around the pavillion food court ,
one of it is MR.BAOZ from taiwan...i read about it on9 b4 some time ago, so i was quite excited to check it out in pav when i was there this evening,
it's actually a pao specialty shop from taiwan
that sells all kinds of pao u couldnt even think of,
ranging from normal Paos to crispy ones to curry flavored ones and duno what snowice red bean pao...~APA PUN ADA~

i tried a slice of the curry crispy one..tasted much like erm fried mantao with curry meat fillings..not bad la..but quite expensive leh one pao~
nah go n check out the website here:
sell pao oni also got website edi thing we noe durian seller also NEEDs a website!

super colorful n not pao looking rite?!
but this is mmg how the real thing looks like!it reminds me of doughnuts!

other than the pao thingie, there's also another stall that sells weird looking food,
the JAPANESE CONE PIZZA, yes as the name suggests, it is pizza in a cone shape..definitely not something i've seen b4 this.

totally like ice cream or mayb the JAPs got the inspiration from their California Rolls. i dunnoe...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

oh-bee-eh-am-eh and me!

it's a historic day for Obama but it is of no less important for me,
the common thing btw us is the word VICTORY!
though my victory will be put on test again in the next 2/3 months compared to his 4yrs term...
but i'm glad n thankful that mine has secured me with another sem = D

did i just relate E*** with voting??! OH SO far...but so happen = D
dun question how...but i COULD!

n HAHAHA! check out the comic strips!!!!

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

there's a continuation eh...haha!

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

get it ar??!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

not another rewinding post

oh man, i m so so lazy that i stop blogging bout the most exciting part of my whole kota kinabalu trip....the mount kinabalu hike...

but buut i would still like to say...MOUNT KINABALU IS ONE OF THE MUST VISIT PLACE BEFORE U *EHHEM* is THAT magnificient up there!!! super duper cool view of the whole city n the satisfaction u get when u noe u r at one of the the highest mounts in south east asia~fuuuuiiyoooooooh!!! hehe!

oh yea so balik to topic...
so LAAAZEEE AND so000 broke that i think if i m not holiday i will be eating bread n jam at uni everyday.......because i rebonded my hair yesterday...oh MY 188 bucks *KAPOOOOOOF* n it's so straight n FLAT NOW...that i felt as if i m BALD~ i nit to hide in my blanket!!!

but the irony is 2mrw i'l be going to gentig with fei tham, pau n amanda!!weeee!!!n show the world or so if they notice my whole flat head!

Monday, October 27, 2008

rewind back to 201008

before that on a totally unrelated note....

damn! i dont know whats wrong with my previous blog entry's seriously small.i tried to chg it then save, chg it then save, chg it then save it AGAIN a GAZILLION of times also like SMALL!!!..aih i it's gonna be like dat until i find a way to fix it lah yea ANNOYING!!


oH oH balik CERITA....= P

the second day of the trip was practically sight seeing around kinabalu park area and have enough rest for the next day's 6km climb up to laban rata( the mid stop for mount kk climb before proceeding to the peak) i sudah lazy i shud just continue this with picturess!!..muaahaha~

1045am: time to jalan!...c the bus behind??'s the infamous purple minibus in kinabalu town! warn u it can go relly relly relly fast! haha!

1100am : oh man, dahlah my first impression on the bus d not so good..*think genting's antique car ride* barely 30minutes after.. we met in an "accident"...apparently the bus actually broke the kancil's side window due to some unforeseen stone that flew n hit her window at the moment when the bus pass thru it......oh so "ngam" rite~~ it think it's not the bus driver's fault in anyway...sorry but BLAME THE STONE WOMEN! =P

1200am: stops for toilet break...for those whose pee doesnt wanna cOme out yet..kameralacur la sendiri...haha!we were still 52km away from kinabalu park...... it's just the start of the long n windy road...n the countless catholic church along the way...

the pineapple side stop...u can get sabah bananas, sabah rice, sabah groundnuts, sabah tea..dan banyak banyak lagi...

handicrafts, t-shirts, masks *aiyah shud have bought one for halloween!* n they sell quirky n colorful geckos for deco too!! sooo cute i like!!!

when u r in sabah u gotta do it the sabahan way...hehe!that rattan basket is 60bucks only!!

fooooh...finally bout 1pm we reached the cabin that we r gonna stay for the night...yea exterior looks not bad~ but wait till u c the interior of the cabin room later in the post...oh my~

after we had our lunch we went to poring hot spring n canopy walk, it's almost an hour away from rose cabin.... n guess what...the bus aircond broke dwon on the journey..n later the guys had to push the bus before it cud be start up again.. dash underscore dash ~

that's kundasang outside, the famous veggie pasar in kinabalu park area....there's quite a number of stalls that sells pisang goreng there n all of their pisang gorengs n whatever gorengs are always crunchy thru out the day bcoz apparently they melt straws in the pot of oil n fry it together with the bananas...that's y it's always crunchy!.... =0

the poring hot spring area! it's kinda clean n well kept..bravo tourism board of malaysia~claps!
i tot it'll be really dirty that u dun even wanna dip ur feet into the pool....

at the same area there's a canopy walk n a beaaauuutiful waterfall river!oh yea apparently the suspension bridge at the canopy walk is the highest in malaysia!!! it is quite scary to me!

after a tiring day...a "nice" n "comfortable" place to crash is essential!! n c the place where i stayeed!'s defintely spells C-A-B-I-N

till then i nit to crash also now...ta!will update soon on the climbing experience..hehe!

rewind back to 191008

i was very excited for the trip!!! *long post ahead*

did I tell you I was secretly thinking bout it all the time since the day we booked our tickets for the trip??!! Haha! That’s like erm almost 3 months before the trip~

Oh man, i must be lucky not going crazy before the trip actually begins…the thought of going to a place I never been is always EXCITING…you just wouldn’t know how is it over there becoz I think pictures n words alone just doesn’t justify how my brain would translate about the place in mua brain…i nit to see n feel it on my own!!....another reason to work harder for money…..magazines n tv travelougues aint gonna satisfy me!!!

Ok back to the trip…we went to the airport at 830am *thanx pau for the ride* for our 1020am airasia flight…. psstt: my airfare was for the price of ZERO excludin tax n stuffs...i love mr.tony's airfare promotions <3>

OH YEA, one thing bout checkin in at lcct, if u intend to check in ur luggage do not use the automated machines to check in becoz they don’t handle THE check in luggage..instead it directly assumes u have no check ins but only ONE hand luggage to be taken in flight…..*yea only macho backpackers can use automated check in machines at lcct..hmmmmppppfff!*

so being there early, after checkin in we scout around for toilet n guess what?! The TERROR of my vaca begins…* I'M SUCH A JOKER AT TIMES, I GOTTA PRAISE MYSELF!* so yea after erm..P-ing my pants punya ZIP got stuck halfway!! It could not be zip up!! Oh my I was literally jumping in the cubicle…n I tried to “lubricate” the zip with vaselin n water too but it just doesn’t goes up!!!! Oh my what m I to do now I thought…................NOTHING!!!

Lucky enuf my top was LOOONG enuf to cover my pant’s zip…or so I believed at that time…bah just get out of the toilet lah….nobody wud actually scan my erm ZIP AREA RITE!! Hahaha!

oh pretends…=P

bah that aside! CAMWHORE first!! Haha!

after rounds of camwhoring, food, poker game n snap! we finally touchdown-ed at kota kinabalu airport... woohooo!

kinabalu has the best weather we ever had hope for...seeing that fei tham say it rained cats n dogs over here almost everyday!

but the next terror has yet to come....GUESS WHAT??!!

just when we reach marina court condominium (the accomo for the trip) ,the whole KK city went BLACKOUT!!!...ahaha!... dash underscore dash...but apparently it's something really common here...

almost every shop n stalls seems to be prepared for the thing n just punggah out their stand fans n continue bussiness...same goes to McD! but luckily not long after..the power came back...foooh aircond ~

we stayed at the famous lorong api api street of kk town

along the street there's a wet market that sells corals other than nemo alike seafood

the handicraft market..from L-R : amanda, pau, jacq, me

inside the craft market..

another special thing bout kk town streets, there's lotza clothes alteration services available..everyone alter n mend their clothes all the good bussiness that u can c by counting the amount of sewing machines along the street... in kl wanna cari org alter also mafan..not cheap sumore!

streets of "hamyu" n "hamai"

night food binge-ing

dinner time!!..oh yea if u r goin to sabah avoid eating seafood at restaurants along api-api becoz apparently their prices cud burn a super duper deep hole in ur pocket!

yummeh! YUMMEH!

after dinner it's time to pack for the mount kk trip...oh my the whole room turn chaotic of everyone complaining here n there on the things needing to bring, the weigh of their backpack, suitable shoes for the climb n whether or not to bring hairdryer up to the hill...... hahaha..gurls~~

u can c how "stressful" pau was at that moment...haha!

to be continued...i'm sleepy already...haha!


HAPPY MURUKU-ing N CHAPATI-ing yea everyone!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

just because i noe my dad will not read my blog

i 'm revealing my darkest secret of the day here..

i *HCTARCS-ret* the car today while reversing properly the car in pyramid's parkin today....
oh man the sound impact was so GREATT!!
it did shake my soul out of my body a lil while...PZEEEEEEKKKK...~~~~

oh man but luckily the damage wasnt bad n my dad did not notice it coz me and the younger ng went back home n quickly pretend to wash the car
but that seem like the BEST way out of it then...n of coz i had mother ng to help me kept the secret from my dad n pretend nothing happened!!! hahahaha!

PHEEEEEWWWW.....till this moment i believe he still doesnt noes bout it... hehe!

bye peeps! i'l be back on thurs!

Friday, October 17, 2008


the four days of exam is total torture!
those papers were so tough for me n i'm relli worried bout having to resit for it!!


today marks the first day of 2 1/2 weeks of holi before my results will be released n if I PASS **cross fingers n pray** then i'l have another 1 1/2 weeks of holi!!!which is till 16th of Nov i think...

sad stories aside for now,let's move on to something HAPPY!!

i'm really excited for my trip to sabah this coming sunday!!! weeeee!!!
i'l be going there for 5 days with my uni frens.......
3 days will be total mt.kinabalu expidition which will be grueling, tiring but crazily adventurous climb i presume!!HAHAHA!
i am really expecting to catch a glimpse of the sunrise at the peak of the mount coz everyone n everywhere says it's really spectacular up there...n
(eh did i say it's 5OO BUCKS to climb??! lagi must climb n REACH!)
but bcoz it's relli TOUGH...i'm worried if I have the stamina to do it or folks dun put such HIGH HOPES ON ME presenting ANY pics at the end of the trip of the sunrise...haha!

any special recommendations on where to go in sabah? i have 2 days free to travel around the city~~ anybody wanna pepper? hehe!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

next year this festival

Balik kampung ..ho ho ho
balik kampung ..ho ho ho
balik kampung ..ho ho ho
~hati girang~

i hope i can miss lemang n rendang next year around this time




oh much more to read n it's not going in!! HELP ME!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

6 days erm "stint"


hahahaha! weeeee i m so PROUD of it!!! (i noe la u can do better..cheh!! =P)

2.4km walk everyday feels like an achievement and though i didnt get to shed any of my fats away, i feeel like am getting nearer to the "PEAK" in my dreams.....

wooooh i can ALMOST "feel" IT!

HAHAHA! (sorry dudes..i cudnt find a nicer pic to crop myself in it)

SO NICE MANNN!!! hopefully i cud reach to the peak!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


in 2 weeks and 6 days more it'll be the end of my sem 4 !!!
cant wait for HOLIDAYS too come!!!!

how exciting study break could be, other than doing this......

and look for something weird on the giv it a imaginary expression~

* imagine* imagine* imagine *


* WINK *


Sunday, September 21, 2008

on 19th turned 20.

oh yea my blog was blocked for a reason but not important though.....

n yea since it's my new blog i shall not abandon it so soon..
to keep it going, here's the post on fei tham's bday celebration day activities!!

we had two hours class on the 18th of sept and on that day there was a special discount for students at TOPSHOP at midvalley!!!
but not that great though..only 20% off on regular items and obviously most of the nice stuff are regular priced item, hence i din relli get anything great, only a simple tube top but there was goodie bag along with it and a free popcorn!! haha! oh so it was all worth it!

*ooopps terpesong a bit, balik to story*

so we drag her along to go and shop with us, me n my uni mates.......and meet up with le who came on her own and after that we made her follow le back to her home to wait for the dinner which supposedly be bra's farewell dinner *but bah so lame, i bet she figured out earlier that we r celebratin her bday at the dinner but then but i dont think she noe's piriya will be there though...hehe!* in michelangelo's at pyramid

*front to back* me, feitham, le, amanda, piriya, pauline, rz, bra, kb
pic curi-ed from le's fb...more pics on le,bra n pau's fb =)

then when dinner came to an end..of coz those dudes camwhore like mad la...a dinner and over 240 pics ALREADY?!!!!OH THE CAMWHORE ERA~n oh before she thought she was going back....


we bring her to go clubBING with my other uni mates to celeb with her when it strikes 12 in MOS,Euphoria at sunway resort and PHEEEWWW luckily it was ladies nite! IT'S free for us with a free drink too!!else i'd be really BROKE!!

before stepping in.
f-b: michelle, feitham, xinyi, pri, me, pau, panda, sinye

still early when the club has only like erm..40ppl??so empty~

fake smoke with free drinks

*all clubbin pics from pau's fb*

my first clubbing experience verdict:
it's kinda fun!..i would say i like it! but only when it's not too crowded during the early hours, when it's like around 1230pm ppl start flockin in and the dance floor gets too crowded....jam packed man! but the music was nice though till the floor was literally vibratin~haha!~~n it's nice that euphoria is a smoke free club!! no smelly hair after that! n virgo dudes dun like clubbing!HAHA!

would i go for a second round??
YES~ haha!

Yea so that was it n we crashed at amanda's place after that...THANX panda for accomodatin us!

*rap: su ann, su ann, su ann, birthday, birthday, birthday! *

p.s: sudah makan itu cheesecake??

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i think i was TOO ambitious..HAHA!

ohh this must be the PROJECT RUNWAY OVERDOSE effect....

4days straight of 3 seasons on youtube isnt such an ideal thing to do afterall...
i can tell u it gets ppl delusional...*at least it did to me la*
the sewing n sketching look uber cool n "easy" on screeen!!!
n so with my amateur sewing skills n since it's still not karat-ed from my felt keychain making yet...

oooh ooooh here's a pic of my small felt hobby outcomes... =)

cute right?cute right??..hehe!

i've decided to giv sewing a try based on a pattern on i found on *super cool site* n i assure you it's stated on all the reviews that the design is really easy to make!!

the pattern ready with measurements n trace on cut-outs

the supposed outcome *pic from BS*

but in the end i guess i was tooo ambitious or mayb a lil in the "fatt mong" galaxy my small project turns out not wear-able by my barbie dolls at all..n i cant event finish sewing it man...n mind u it's just a doll size cut out!...I THINK MAYB I SHUD JUST BUY A DRESS AFTERALL~

nah in the end it's left undone in the sewing box..cloth arent attached ..seams not sewn properly.. measurement a bit OFF...haha!..OH MAN! but wait till my real break comes i'l DEFINITELY giv it another try!!