Monday, October 27, 2008

rewind back to 191008

i was very excited for the trip!!! *long post ahead*

did I tell you I was secretly thinking bout it all the time since the day we booked our tickets for the trip??!! Haha! That’s like erm almost 3 months before the trip~

Oh man, i must be lucky not going crazy before the trip actually begins…the thought of going to a place I never been is always EXCITING…you just wouldn’t know how is it over there becoz I think pictures n words alone just doesn’t justify how my brain would translate about the place in mua brain…i nit to see n feel it on my own!!....another reason to work harder for money…..magazines n tv travelougues aint gonna satisfy me!!!

Ok back to the trip…we went to the airport at 830am *thanx pau for the ride* for our 1020am airasia flight…. psstt: my airfare was for the price of ZERO excludin tax n stuffs...i love mr.tony's airfare promotions <3>

OH YEA, one thing bout checkin in at lcct, if u intend to check in ur luggage do not use the automated machines to check in becoz they don’t handle THE check in luggage..instead it directly assumes u have no check ins but only ONE hand luggage to be taken in flight…..*yea only macho backpackers can use automated check in machines at lcct..hmmmmppppfff!*

so being there early, after checkin in we scout around for toilet n guess what?! The TERROR of my vaca begins…* I'M SUCH A JOKER AT TIMES, I GOTTA PRAISE MYSELF!* so yea after erm..P-ing my pants punya ZIP got stuck halfway!! It could not be zip up!! Oh my I was literally jumping in the cubicle…n I tried to “lubricate” the zip with vaselin n water too but it just doesn’t goes up!!!! Oh my what m I to do now I thought…................NOTHING!!!

Lucky enuf my top was LOOONG enuf to cover my pant’s zip…or so I believed at that time…bah just get out of the toilet lah….nobody wud actually scan my erm ZIP AREA RITE!! Hahaha!

oh pretends…=P

bah that aside! CAMWHORE first!! Haha!

after rounds of camwhoring, food, poker game n snap! we finally touchdown-ed at kota kinabalu airport... woohooo!

kinabalu has the best weather we ever had hope for...seeing that fei tham say it rained cats n dogs over here almost everyday!

but the next terror has yet to come....GUESS WHAT??!!

just when we reach marina court condominium (the accomo for the trip) ,the whole KK city went BLACKOUT!!!...ahaha!... dash underscore dash...but apparently it's something really common here...

almost every shop n stalls seems to be prepared for the thing n just punggah out their stand fans n continue bussiness...same goes to McD! but luckily not long after..the power came back...foooh aircond ~

we stayed at the famous lorong api api street of kk town

along the street there's a wet market that sells corals other than nemo alike seafood

the handicraft market..from L-R : amanda, pau, jacq, me

inside the craft market..

another special thing bout kk town streets, there's lotza clothes alteration services available..everyone alter n mend their clothes all the good bussiness that u can c by counting the amount of sewing machines along the street... in kl wanna cari org alter also mafan..not cheap sumore!

streets of "hamyu" n "hamai"

night food binge-ing

dinner time!!..oh yea if u r goin to sabah avoid eating seafood at restaurants along api-api becoz apparently their prices cud burn a super duper deep hole in ur pocket!

yummeh! YUMMEH!

after dinner it's time to pack for the mount kk trip...oh my the whole room turn chaotic of everyone complaining here n there on the things needing to bring, the weigh of their backpack, suitable shoes for the climb n whether or not to bring hairdryer up to the hill...... hahaha..gurls~~

u can c how "stressful" pau was at that moment...haha!

to be continued...i'm sleepy already...haha!


HAPPY MURUKU-ing N CHAPATI-ing yea everyone!!!


Brian said...

I'm hungry!

sometimes said...

hahaha!i m toooo!! i wanna balik SABAH!!!