Monday, October 27, 2008

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before that on a totally unrelated note....

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oH oH balik CERITA....= P

the second day of the trip was practically sight seeing around kinabalu park area and have enough rest for the next day's 6km climb up to laban rata( the mid stop for mount kk climb before proceeding to the peak) i sudah lazy i shud just continue this with picturess!!..muaahaha~

1045am: time to jalan!...c the bus behind??'s the infamous purple minibus in kinabalu town! warn u it can go relly relly relly fast! haha!

1100am : oh man, dahlah my first impression on the bus d not so good..*think genting's antique car ride* barely 30minutes after.. we met in an "accident"...apparently the bus actually broke the kancil's side window due to some unforeseen stone that flew n hit her window at the moment when the bus pass thru it......oh so "ngam" rite~~ it think it's not the bus driver's fault in anyway...sorry but BLAME THE STONE WOMEN! =P

1200am: stops for toilet break...for those whose pee doesnt wanna cOme out yet..kameralacur la sendiri...haha!we were still 52km away from kinabalu park...... it's just the start of the long n windy road...n the countless catholic church along the way...

the pineapple side stop...u can get sabah bananas, sabah rice, sabah groundnuts, sabah tea..dan banyak banyak lagi...

handicrafts, t-shirts, masks *aiyah shud have bought one for halloween!* n they sell quirky n colorful geckos for deco too!! sooo cute i like!!!

when u r in sabah u gotta do it the sabahan way...hehe!that rattan basket is 60bucks only!!

fooooh...finally bout 1pm we reached the cabin that we r gonna stay for the night...yea exterior looks not bad~ but wait till u c the interior of the cabin room later in the post...oh my~

after we had our lunch we went to poring hot spring n canopy walk, it's almost an hour away from rose cabin.... n guess what...the bus aircond broke dwon on the journey..n later the guys had to push the bus before it cud be start up again.. dash underscore dash ~

that's kundasang outside, the famous veggie pasar in kinabalu park area....there's quite a number of stalls that sells pisang goreng there n all of their pisang gorengs n whatever gorengs are always crunchy thru out the day bcoz apparently they melt straws in the pot of oil n fry it together with the bananas...that's y it's always crunchy!.... =0

the poring hot spring area! it's kinda clean n well kept..bravo tourism board of malaysia~claps!
i tot it'll be really dirty that u dun even wanna dip ur feet into the pool....

at the same area there's a canopy walk n a beaaauuutiful waterfall river!oh yea apparently the suspension bridge at the canopy walk is the highest in malaysia!!! it is quite scary to me!

after a tiring day...a "nice" n "comfortable" place to crash is essential!! n c the place where i stayeed!'s defintely spells C-A-B-I-N

till then i nit to crash also now...ta!will update soon on the climbing experience..hehe!

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