Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i think i was TOO ambitious..HAHA!

ohh this must be the PROJECT RUNWAY OVERDOSE effect....

4days straight of 3 seasons on youtube isnt such an ideal thing to do afterall...
i can tell u it gets ppl delusional...*at least it did to me la*
the sewing n sketching look uber cool n "easy" on screeen!!!
n so with my amateur sewing skills n since it's still not karat-ed from my felt keychain making yet...

oooh ooooh here's a pic of my small felt hobby outcomes... =)

cute right?cute right??..hehe!

i've decided to giv sewing a try based on a pattern on i found on *super cool site* n i assure you it's stated on all the reviews that the design is really easy to make!!

the pattern ready with measurements n trace on cut-outs

the supposed outcome *pic from BS*

but in the end i guess i was tooo ambitious or mayb a lil in the "fatt mong" galaxy my small project turns out not wear-able by my barbie dolls at all..n i cant event finish sewing it man...n mind u it's just a doll size cut out!...I THINK MAYB I SHUD JUST BUY A DRESS AFTERALL~

nah in the end it's left undone in the sewing box..cloth arent attached ..seams not sewn properly.. measurement a bit OFF...haha!..OH MAN! but wait till my real break comes i'l DEFINITELY giv it another try!!

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