Saturday, November 22, 2008

oh the ILHAM to blog is back again

oopps damn dung dung..haven write anything other than the title sudah ter-posted
hmmm..maybe it's karma for not updating the blog..~ooooooo~

ah yea so it's been a week of uni...
words to describe it:







M-E-M-O-R-I-S-I-N-G W-E-I-R-D W-O-R-D-S and

i want holiday!!! i have not finish resting yet!!

though all of the above sounds quite saddening,
i m quite happy that at least we had a witty lecturer
for 3 of my lectures this week!!
his topics was infections related diseases which
includes common infection diseases, UTI's and STD's. i must say there was a


moment in the class when he showed pictures of STD's man!
it's QUITE "in detail" wan lo!..HAHAHA!
that at first it makes me go...

"OOOOOooohhhhH that's how it actually looks like!"

AND when more n more pic comes it will b super duper


go google for pics if u wanna goo
eeee--ooo-and--ew-ew too =P

i went to pavillion today and,
there's some new weird stuff around the pavillion food court ,
one of it is MR.BAOZ from taiwan...i read about it on9 b4 some time ago, so i was quite excited to check it out in pav when i was there this evening,
it's actually a pao specialty shop from taiwan
that sells all kinds of pao u couldnt even think of,
ranging from normal Paos to crispy ones to curry flavored ones and duno what snowice red bean pao...~APA PUN ADA~

i tried a slice of the curry crispy one..tasted much like erm fried mantao with curry meat fillings..not bad la..but quite expensive leh one pao~
nah go n check out the website here:
sell pao oni also got website edi thing we noe durian seller also NEEDs a website!

super colorful n not pao looking rite?!
but this is mmg how the real thing looks like!it reminds me of doughnuts!

other than the pao thingie, there's also another stall that sells weird looking food,
the JAPANESE CONE PIZZA, yes as the name suggests, it is pizza in a cone shape..definitely not something i've seen b4 this.

totally like ice cream or mayb the JAPs got the inspiration from their California Rolls. i dunnoe...

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