Wednesday, December 31, 2008

in less than 36hrs

it will be the year of 2-zero-zero-9!!!

"oh my man!! "

i'm scared!!!..time passes so FAST!!! *like i didnt already noe it 10 years ago -__-*
but hopefully 2009 will be a good year for all of us!!!

i bet my 2008 would definitely feel like yesterday even after 10 years from now..
overall yr 08 was ok...but the fact that i climbed mt.kk just make it even better!!!
hehehehe!(oh yea i haven even blog my climb fail man.)
but my results didnt get better, worse still it even went downhill
but hopefully i'l be able to graduate as a
MPHARM Uni of Strathclyde graduand coming 2010!! *fingers cross*
die die also MUST!!!
hmmm sumore what ar??...
actually rite ,
i dun relli re what happen this year man~
due to the fact that a year had 2 uni sems and
i haven seem to be able to adjust to have 2 sems a year after 12yrs of my life having one educational term the whole year...HAHAHA!
i'm always confused of what happened in what sem..becoz when a sem pass
it would seem like a year had passed...OH MY BRAIN...hehe!
hence that's all! ...a short update =P

*my mind shouts*
i dont want time to pass to fast,
i dont want time to pass so slow either;
i hope happy moments could last longer,
i hope sad times would just fly away, better if they dun come;
but like who in the world doesnt know how to say if there's no sad then what is there to show us how fun and happy certain things could be....
but sometimes i just wanna be a freak shit selfish and demanding human,
cant' i just demand happy moments to last longer, while sad n pain ones dun even exist!


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yea man!! AGREES!!!