Saturday, January 10, 2009

gathering with da GANG!

hours earlier we had a gathering dinner PLUS okb's small birthday surprise!!!
it's nice gathering everyone once in a while to chit chat n makan-makan
eh but a bit weird rite?! not like most of us are all over in the world also,all budak kl oni
but still gather only once in a while!! CHIST!....we should have gathering more often!!
eh the next person faster organize another gathering !!
*i heard u scream for another gathering just now su lin...hint hint*=P
it was also a small surprise for OKB's belated birthday!!

but AS ALWAYS, he gave the paiseh paiseh look oni!tadak look surprised also wan?! ahaha!

the super precious pic...laugh until so happy! HAHA!

oh yea, WE went to la cocina at taipan 2, a spanish restaurant but the interior takda banyak spanish like other than the tile designs on the wall, more like a western restaurant. they apparently have a wine cellar upstairs too...

the bar counter.quite cosy eh the lighting in the restaurant.

ice cream also got HALAL?
mau makan apa?kita apa pun ada~

we din relli try anything much there also...all 10 of us only ordered a variety of 5 kinda food mainly coz the relli spanishy stuff are quite ex n we r all quite broke..HAHA!but overall the food there is quite nice!!

fettucine carbornara with beef bacon. quite nice! not too creamy!

Valencia paella..nasi sepanyol =)

Voltego spaghetti, this is what i ordered n i like it a lot!!
cos it's spicy and with quite an amount of olive oil!YUMMY!

After food is all about us!! we all talked talked talked from 8-11 BUT minus the 15 mins for eating LA.. MAN i din noe we could talk so long...haha! andwe were making so much noise, till one of the couples shifted their dinner to the outside of the restaurant.. ooopps* but whaddya expect when a bunch of "kids" come together la?!=P

l-r: tiffy,PC, lee, stef, sa, su lin

*self reminder incase i forget what course they r doing!*
miss stef da petroleum engineering gurl at unsw,
fei tham ,aiyah nonit to know la!
sulin taking biotech at monash!the TIGA fellas! me and PC. SHE'LL BE GRADUATING from TBS THIS MAY/JUNE!!!!!SO FAST RITE!!!
she is officially the earliest to grad among us =) the bestfriends /gay partners.keke! su lyn and renn zhern tiffany has straighten her hair,PC n le pulak cut short their hair

last but not least...THE GROUP PIC!


Brian said...

Soo nicee!!!

ps- I had to type 'crowplat' as my word verification to leave a comment here.

km said...

hehe! yea it's fun!
when u balik we do it again!!

am i suppose get some hint from 'crowplat'?? haha! coz i seriously dunno what it is..HAHAHA!
i cant get rid of that verification thingie la...

LE said...

mine is 'mishings'! haha.

the next time brian comes back, u and sa on the other side of the world!

km said...

then when he goes back u folo him along also! then we CAN GATHER AGAIN!!!!!WEEE!!!

rumnraisin.cathz said...

Brian.. STOP being so lame PLS. LOL..
n honey, when u flying again? June right? =)

km said...


i shud be going around early of june coz the hostel will only be openn on 10th and classes starts on the 15th of june!