Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!

happy NIU year everyone!!!
may all of you have a year filled with
health,wealth, happiness and properity ahead of you!!

my cny this year is rather lack of the "kampung" feel man! A BIT MM SONG!
coz my family decides not go back to kampar this year.
one of the main reasons being one of my ahpo is back to china to visit her relatives along with my aunties and uncles while
another of my ahpo is also staying in kl for the TADAK balik la..

n so i had a TOTAL KL CNY which i declare it's damn the boring!!!
nothing to do at all man!! other than visiting a few places n roam around in shopping malls filled with non-chinese the next agenda would be to balik rumah n makan biskut-biskut tahun lembu..itu je..sangat sangat tadak CNY FEEL!
i REGRET complaining all these years JAM-ing on the road while balik-ing..
i MISS JAM-ing back to KAMPAR!

enough of complaining!! n for those whose not even here in mas
i took a few pics in Thean Hou temple that i hope maybe could satisfy a bit of ur CNY "feel" crave!!keke! =P

there's quite a lot of ppl even though it's already "cho sam"
ada lion dance also but i was too slow..tak sempat snap pics.. ;)

it's a supersunny superbrighT superHOT CNY!!!

may everyone be "ong" in THE year of cow~MOOOOO~

the "choy san yeh" and "kuan yin" windchime thingie..

and that's all..tata!HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

(p.s: i "love" to finish assignments during CNY!!weeeeee!)

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