Saturday, March 28, 2009

fuuh-fuuuh *blows dust away*

hey ppl i'm back blogging!!
sorry for dumping it aside for such a long time
but i promise i'l update more frequent coming.

so YEAY!! i've just finished my end of semester 5 exam!!!!! *hooray*
and i've bought my flight ticket to scots!!
i'l be flying along with tham n my 4 other uni frens by MAS instead of following the travel agent the uni arranged coz we managed to book cheap flights ourselves!!
it's about RM1602 only compared to the travel agent's 3K price!!!!
so yea hopefully everything goes smoothly in between.IT MUST.

though we've finished our exams,
we still have to do a presentation next week and go for hospital attachment at the end of april to prepare for the coming semester in scots later..

oh yea talking bout hospital attachment let me tell you bout my experience when i was in seremban's tunku jaafar hospital for a day a few weeks back,
actually being there for a day only i din get to relli see or experience the real pharmacist thingie but the definite things are it's
FREAKIN HOT IN THE WARD!!can sweat buckets of air masin! and
DOCTOR'S HANDWRITING ARE A DISASTER~!tolong la tulis baik baik kalian dr.dr.
so yea everything else in the hospital is quite ok la.. not that so creepy creepy kinda place,
and my lects allowed us to choose any suitable patient we want to clerk on,
but still my lect led us into the ward to help us choose a suitable patient and the first few patients were all post cancer patients n those are not good cases to clerk on for students
so we went around looking sumore but lagi cari lagi teruk..highly suspiscious of HIV/AIDS+ certified pneumonia diagnosis patient also ada n in btw becoz i mulut banyak say i wanna have a patient that have a lot of drug interactions,
me n my friend was in a way put in a situation to have THAT patient...*jaw drop*
i was worried man..i dun discriminate la but still such a SERIOUS case as our first case??!!
i dun think i can handle in the end me n my friend chicken-ed out n went searching for another patient when our lect left...haha!JAHAT-ness
cari-cari a while in the end we just settled for a more normal patient.
so hopefully for the coming attachment it'l be better for me no more chicken-ing out!

fuuuuhhh..such a wordy post..hahaha!
that's all for now!
will update soon after coming back from kampar on sunday!!
have a good weekend peeps! =P


clarissaCSL said...

Yoh... Got such a good opportunity to practice playing with drugs, but dun want to try... What la km... Haha...

Anyway, how was your other patient? the more normal one...

km said...

hahaha! cannot play yet,can do it theoretically only now.i m suppose to find out if there's any drug interactions among teh drug used oni and u noe hiv patients have a lot of drugs..HAHAHA! malas-ness kicks in plus the TAKUTness..DUN WORRY the next time i'l sure to be doing something interesting!keke!

oh the normal one got hyperthyroid, diabetes and anaemia. that also 12drugs already.haha!