Thursday, April 2, 2009

drivers alert!

the street is dangerous.

often when i read about stories of drivers being robbed in emails circulated around,
i feel scared and worried la but yet after a while i dun really care about it because it seems like the story would never happen to me, it's like so crazy for such thing to happen!!
*chants* oh dont happen to me pls, dont happen to me, dont happen to me, dont happen to me

but just last week one of my classmate got robbed outside uni,
she reached uni bout 630am that morning, so she decided to stay in the car and read her notes coz got exam mah later at 930am while waiting for uni to open,
she rolled down the car window also,
mana tahu a guy came and point a shotgun on her forehead!
demanding her to get down from the car and leave all her stuff there,
she couldnt do anything but to give the robber everything (other than the few pieces of notes she grabbed, cos got exam mah later!) he demanded and he took off with her car, a proton wira
she was so traumatised in the end that she didnt even get to sit for the exam man~
pity her.

GUN WEH!! goodness! i think i'l faint. prolly pee in my pants too.

but lucky thing amanda always teman me to my car after class.. =)

oh yea, not long ago my bro'car boot got forcefully opened also and kena curi all the stuff inside
when he parked his car in pyramid, but lucky thing got not much valuable stuffs other than his smelly work clothes in his gym bag and his working bag and documents inside. but pyramid got a lot of those gung ho guards wan wor...

Haih~ whatever it is becareful yea everyone!


Brian said...

waddafuck is wrong with Malaysia man... haih. Take care all of you.

kh diDi said...

yea better be careful guys. nothing's wrong with malaysia, only malaysian.

km said...

bra: yea man! so sickening!!

kh: u also ar!i'm not sure if it's a malaysian who did it also or not..