Thursday, April 16, 2009

after two weeks

tommorow will be THE DAY..
results will be released at 4pm 2mrw....TAKUTnya~~
and i have the feeling like a lot more ppl than usual will be going to uni to get their results this time rather than just retrieving it online..
and i get even more anxious if i c a bee line of ppl lining up to get the results.


---------------------------chg topic---------------------------------------------------
i got a cheap skirt today for 15 bucks oni!! i'm happy!weee! *jump jump clap clap*
and soon i will get a PLATINUM CREDIT CARD! how cool is that u tell me?!

but still i m worried now.


Brian said...

Good luck! You'll be fine :) See you in london!

LE said...

i'm hungry for pan mee already! nyahaha.

no worries!

km said...

km-bra & lee

weeeeee!! thanx!!!