Monday, April 27, 2009

going to the "siewpao" place

i'l be off to seremban from 2mrw to thurs for hospital attachment..
haish panas hospital and cakar ayam here i come!


clarissaCSL said...

have fun. Don't dispense the wrong medicine. ;p

lyyyyynnn said...

hey hey hey!
thanks for the comment. so far okay la - i eat when im stressed + bored, which probably accounts for like... most of the time! if im not stressed, im bored. if im not bored, im stressed =P

also, im closing up my blog for a wee while. first of all, i dont have much time to maintain it. secondly, there is someone in NZ who is reading my blog, and i have no idea who it is! FREAKEYYY.
so, i'll close it down for awhile, and hopefully, the person will stop visiting it even after i reopen it. =D