Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i call it almost done!

sorry for the lack of updates peeps. i m trying my best to rescucitate it d..haha!
short updates:
  • i have finally moved into my new hse..n yea it's just merely 1km away..-_-"
    and moving house is such a torture!!!! so many things to clean,pack n UNPACK!~
    for all u noe..i need to RE-PACK again in about 2 weeks time!
  • VISA APPLICATION OFFICIALLY SUCKS!..dah lah the uni gave so much of a prob with the visa letter, the visa agency officers sumore cannot give accurate informations!
    kasihan students~haih~ BUT DUN WORRY! I JUST HAD MY VISA APPROVED D!!!
  • oh yea this sat, me n le will be having a joint 21st birthday celebration!!!wooo! PARTY!!
  • i havent finish buying stuff to bring to scots yet!!..what more START packing?!aih malas!
  • hospital attachment was fun...n scary too..i'l leave that for another post.but after the attachemnt now got PAPERWORK to do! MALAS LAGI!

but all in all..i think those important stuff that i need to do...sudah considered done kua...

that's all! will update soon! =P


rumnraisin.cathz said...

Heyyyy honey!! When re u flying?? feeling all excited??! hahah.. :D n ya.. the packing part will be a bit of a headache.. especially with weight limitations and all... but dont leave it to last minute u might forget stuffs (look who's talkin:p) n good luck!

km said...

thank you for the advice i shall let the packing bug bite me soon!
i will be flying on the 9th!
how's india?? coming back?