Sunday, November 22, 2009

diggin it up.

front of the cathedral

of all the duomos (cathedral) that i've seen,
u will definitely be AWE-d when u c it!!
though the city has really nothing much to offer other than this duomo it is really worth it to make a day stop to this place!!!!
of course unless u like high end shopping then u'll definitely need more than a day, hehe!!

that's the famous shopping scene seen in movies when ppl goes milan to shop

but when we were in Milan we didnt even stay a night in the city,
instead we spend our night in the airport! hahahaha!
and the weirdest part was the airport was full of ppl like us,
practically we have to snatch a place to sit and sleep on the floor.
the whole place was full of ppl sleeping on the floor and half of them were even prepared with sleeping bags! HARDCORE BACKPACKERS!!

but to save money mah! what also can la!not like we didnt do it on the first day we reach LONDON. haha!

rooftop of the cathedral pricey place, 8euro just to come up but it's WORTH IT!!

can you believe this is the rooftop?!i dont even noe what kind of rooftile this is!

oh yeap, one funny fact,
the square right in front of the cathedral is always full of people and lotsa pickpockets and money cheaters that would just come near to you and tie a string on your hand and demand for money.
we even had people coming up to us and try to hand us some pigeon food to feed the pigeons forcefully. ahahhaa!
to feel safer priya even put her fatt ass expanded waistpouch in her pants!!haha!
she loooked like a pregger. =P
and fat tham was grabbing her bag so tightly all the time, macam gila!
we didnt even dare to hand our cams to people there to take a group pic for us!
THANK GAWD WE HAD CAMWHORE SKILLS! no problem for group pickchas!

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rumnraisin.cathz said...

looks SO beautiful!!! :)