Friday, July 31, 2009

the last 31st July of 2009

oh it shucks!
i think i have just put all my 4 patients in the "I'VE KILLED THEM" list!
how could it possibly be that difficult to get a positive mark for the dispensing test?!
i "LOVE" negative marking!

i had my second round of dispensing test today, where we were given 4 prescription with it's potential problems such as drug-drug interactions btw the prescribed drugs, inappropriate strength, dose, quantity or any other possible mistake made by doctors.
the time limit for the four prescription to be done is in 2 hours...30 mins to finish one presription.
supposedly there's sufficient time, but when u have to do it under a stressed pace PLUS having to identify the mistakes made and also line up to go and consult the prescriber..30 mins feels like 3 mins leh!!! moreover, the prescribers are all too passive....!! whenever u ask them a question, they'lll just say


what u mean what i think?! u dunno the patient at all wan meh! chis!

and the annoying part is that when u know there is mistake but u dont know what to do due to the limited time, it shucks!

it shucks even more when u forgot the tiniest little things and they minus ten marks to 20 marks for it!

tell me how am i suppose to PASS the exam when the passing mark is 50% and the range of marks u will get is from -400 to 100! it's 3.5 times more likely u'll fail than u pass!

and guess what for the next exemption test the passing mark will be 70%...HAHA!

having exam every week is CRAZY-fying!
but that means my summer term is ending! another 3 more weeks and THAT'S it!

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