Wednesday, October 14, 2009

in october talks about october

MANN!!! time FLIES!
i actually have about another 8 months here only
I M KINDA MISSING EVERY MOMENT I HAVE IN THIS CRAZY WEATHER PLACE ALREADY compared to having little dislike moments when i just arrived HEHE! =P homesick mahhh that time....

so yeap! the new sem has started and is coming to the 3rd weeek already and we finally got the first taste on going to classes and workshops with the home students HAHA! i was pretty excited at first wondering how are they actually in classes
and my first few impressions about them are
  1. wow! they do really like to wear a lot of layers of clothes here. i tot they are almost immune to the cold weather here already, mana tahu they wear much thicker than us. the fashion of layering?

  2. gawd, some of them are really really really hardworking!and of course SMART!presssured lo!especially some of the seniors said when the lecturers evaluate individual presentations they are a bit bias to the home if they so geng already how to tanding with them?!

  3. ada la yg snobbish but of course ada yang really nice as well. but lucky me, i haven really met snobbish ones compared to few of my classmates who got completely ingnored in group discussions.fuuuuhhhh.
yeap, overall it is still a really nice experience on getting to know more different kind of people but joining them only at the final year makes making friends with them a little difficult coz they already have their own comfort zone of friends but we of coz will try to mingle more!KEKE!
so to start of me and tham had join the committee in organising the graduation ball for next year!!
weeeeee! i shall hope that it shall be fun!

AUTUMN sudah datang!!!! trees have start to get botak and the sky gets dark at about 630pm already!!!! man!! hari hari yg gloomy dan dark akan datang very sooon!!!
and it's getting relli cold here for me already!!...ahhh when winter comes i will die lo!!
and the weather is making me hungry really fast!!!daym! fat lo fat looooo

will blog about my summer trip next up! =P

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